Text Tone at Hamilton Winterfest 2015

Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield

We are pleased to announce our new interactive project, Text Tone,
as part of the Hamilton Winterfest 2015 Kick-off Event curated by Tara Bursey entitled On The Waterfront! Text Tone is on display on February 7th, 2015, at Pier 8 in Hamilton! Come out and enjoy projects and events by a bunch of talented artists and coordinators!

Facebook Event Page

Text Tone Text Tone

Text Tone is an interactive mobile phone based sound installation that decodes text messages sent by the audience into touch-tone keypad audio compositions. In 1878 in Hamilton, Ontario, Hugh Cossart Baker, Jr. established the first commercial telephone exchange, making Hamilton the first location in the British Empire to have a publicly accessible telephone network. Prior to this, telephone networks commonly consisted of direct lines from one specific unit to another, and this development therefore allowed the populace to use a device to contact more than oneā€¦

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