Update & Site 3 Artists in Residence

Galaxy Heist Diagram

Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield

We got hit by some illness and stuff, so we had a bit of downtime since our last update. The wicked news is that we were selected as Site 3 coLaboratory’s Artists in Residence! What is Site 3? Site 3 is a Toronto-based maker space that consists of awesomely creative people… many with engineering, electronic, and/or pyro-based creative projects (just to name a few). Check ’em out at site3.ca

So what are we doing for them? Well, we’ve been preparing to combine our love for media and installation, with our love for gaming and 80’s B movie Sci-Fi, to create a live-action gaming environment entitled, Galaxy Heist. We figure a lot of developers (and one of our past projects) are focusing on making your body a controller for virtual realms (which is fun and awesome!..but…), so why don’t we just turn the entire bloody environment into a…

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