Thoughts on Audio-Video Editing Software + Videodrome Timeline

Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield

Here’s our Premiere Pro CS6 A/V timeline from our video-music piece for Videodrome 2013, minus a handful of nested tracks. This is our first project since we made the switch from Final Cut 7 to Premiere, which was simultaneously a pleasing and infuriating experience.

A/V timeline from Daniele Hopkins & Kyle Duffield's video-music piece for Videodrome 2013

We made the switch because we preferred the option of working on both Mac and PC, and FCPX is pretty good (once you get use to it) — but has a bit of a ways to go and doesn’t seem like it would be the most suited for the video-music style of editing. That being said, Premiere is also is pretty good, but also has a ways to go. The more efficient rendering over FCP7 resulted in less caffeine breaks, and Premiere’s adjustment layer tracks are an awesome feature because they allow you to manipulate multiple tracks at once. However, importing projects from one computer to…

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