Bracumentation of Our Working Playstation Controller Bra & Bro Performance at Vector!

Person playing playstation controller bra

Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield

Event writeup:

The Itagaki Interface was performed at Vector: Game+Art Convergence in Toronto, Canada. The Itagaki Interface was featured in the event, “Playing Personae: Embodied and Engendered Performances” along with Angela Washko‘s performance entitled, Chastity and The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in World of Warcraft at Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre on February 22, 2013.

In their performance, Itagaki Interface, Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield use their own bodies to challenge exaggerated representations of the human body in the fighting game, Dead or Alive (PS1), by Tomonobu Itakagi. The game features hyper feminized and hyper masculinized bodies in one on one combat, and more notably, a separate physics engine dedicated towards the characters’ breasts.

The audience is confronted with the challenge of having to compete with one another in the game by manipulating the controllers worn on the chests of the artists. This piece is a…

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